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What the industry experts are saying aboutintegraf

"Integraf is the ideal glue technology that will be essential for interoperability across ACOs…the emerging model for healthcare delivery”, says Noland Joiner, former Chief Technology Officer and Vice President at GE Healthcare, and Principal at ShadowCare, LLC

Integraf takes a giant step forward for enterprise integration and interoperability efforts, by enabling business analysts to create the solution,says former CIO Office Executive - World Bank - Gyanchander Gongrireddy

Integraf enables system integration done by business analysts without a single line of programming code....that is powerful”, says-formerSr. Gartner Analysisand CEO of Peridot Solutions - Ranapratap Chegu

“Integraf is a great platform to bring together all sorts of data to facilitate deep dive Big Data Analytic projects”, according to Bill Shannon, Founder and President of BioRankings LLC, and Professor of Biostatistics in Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine.

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